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Events Archive


This archive contains departmental events covering the time period of May 1980 through December 2022. To access an archive of events from 2022 to present, please visit our newer archive. For newer Mathematics Department events, please visit the News and Events section of our external site.

Date Event Type Event Title Speaker
2022/12/02 Applied Mathematics and Computation Seminar TBA
2022/11/29 Number Theory Seminar TBA Leah Sturman
2022/11/28 Geometry-Topology Seminar TBA Mesa Walker
2022/11/21 Geometry-Topology Seminar TBA Austin Bosgraaf
2022/11/18 Applied Mathematics and Computation Seminar TBA
2022/11/15 Number Theory Seminar TBA Bella Tobin
2022/11/14 Colloquium TBA Greg Henselman-Petrusek
2022/11/14 Geometry-Topology Seminar TBA Gregory Henselman-Petrusek
2022/11/11 Applied Mathematics and Computation Seminar Wildfire impacts to water infrastructure Erica Fischer
2022/11/08 Number Theory Seminar Generalized Alder-Type Partition Inequalities
2022/11/07 Colloquium TBA Mary Beisiegel
2022/11/04 Applied Mathematics and Computation Seminar Climate change impacts on hurricane storm surge risk Talea Mayo
2022/11/04 Conference Pacific Northwest Integrable Probability Conference
2022/11/01 Number Theory Seminar TBA
2022/10/31 Colloquium TBA Clayton Petsche
2022/10/31 Geometry-Topology Seminar TBA -- Note different time and room. Courtney Thatcher
2022/10/31 Analysis Seminar TBA Yier Lin
2022/10/28 Applied Mathematics and Computation Seminar TBA Haizhong Wang
2022/10/24 Colloquium TBA Elise Lockwood
2022/10/24 Geometry-Topology Seminar Constructing resource complex representations of plant-pollinator networks Melinda Kleczynski
2022/10/24 Analysis Seminar TBA Evelyn Lunasin
2022/10/21 Applied Mathematics and Computation Seminar Summer 2022 student activities
2022/10/18 Number Theory Seminar Computing the proportion of sneaky primes for pairs of elliptic curves Asamina Hamakiotes
2022/10/17 Colloquium TBA Karl Leichty
2022/10/17 Analysis Seminar TBA Zhengye Zhou
2022/10/14 Applied Mathematics and Computation Seminar A Lifted l_1 Framework for Sparse Recovery Yifei Lou
2022/10/11 Number Theory Seminar Rational Numbers Ride the Wave Patrik Nabelek
2022/10/10 Colloquium Drawing the symplectic topology of certain 4-manifolds. Orsola Capovilla-Searle
2022/10/10 Geometry-Topology Seminar TBA Orsola Capovilla-Searle
2022/10/07 Applied Mathematics and Computation Seminar Gradient descents and a numerical scheme for the Cahn-Hilliard equation
2022/10/07 Mathematical Biology Seminar Eco-evolutionary dynamics in prey-predator networks applied to virus immune escape Cameron J Browne
2022/10/04 Number Theory Seminar Towards a unified theory of canonical heights on abelian varieties Padmavathi Srinivasan
2022/10/03 Colloquium Transitioning to Active Learning: The Cautionary Tale of Norms David Fifty
2022/10/03 Analysis Seminar Organizational meeting Radu Dascaliuc
2022/10/03 Geometry-Topology Seminar The Life of a Summer Intern at a National Lab Arthur Mills
2022/09/30 Applied Mathematics and Computation Seminar Efficient time-stepping methods for nonlinear evolution problems Thi Thao Phuong Hoang
2022/09/27 Number Theory Seminar The trouble with Bianchi groups Daniel Martin
2022/09/26 Geometry-Topology Seminar Organizational meeting.
2022/09/13 M.Sc. Presentation Generalizations of Perron-Frobenius Theory Zach Gregg
2022/08/26 M.Sc. Presentation Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for the Advection Equation in One Dimension Brandi Whiteman
2022/08/24 M.Sc. Presentation Effects of temporal averaging schemes on solutions to the shallow-water equations Sarah Vesneske
2022/08/23 M.Sc. Presentation A Survey of Research on Students’ Understanding of Logarithmic Functions Christine Hoogendyk
2022/08/17 M.Sc. Presentation An Exploration of Research at the Intersection of Active Learning, Realistic Mathematics Education, and Counting Problems Lucas Perryman-Deskins
2022/08/15 Ph.D. Defense On invariant Galton-Watson trees with exponential edge lengths Guochen Xu
2022/08/12 Ph.D. Defense Some Localization Methods in Equations Related to Fluids Daniel Erickson
2022/08/09 Graduate Student Summer Seminar Generalizations of Perron Frobenius Theory Zach Gregg
2022/08/04 Graduate Student Summer Seminar Empirical Reconceptualization in a Computational Setting: A Case Study Adaline De Chenne
2022/08/02 Graduate Student Summer Seminar An inverse problem of estimating time-dependent thermal conductivity in 1D heat equation Kamrul Chowdury
2022/07/29 REU Colloquium Bayesian inference in an infectious disease model Swati Patel
2022/07/29 Ph.D. Defense Explicit Dynamical Systems on the Sierpinski Curve Worapan Homsomboon