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Events Archive


This archive contains departmental events covering the time period of May 1980 through December 2022. To access an archive of events from 2022 to present, please visit our newer archive. For newer Mathematics Department events, please visit the News and Events section of our external site.

Date Event Type Event Title Speaker
2022/11/14 Colloquium TBA Greg Henselman-Petrusek
2022/11/07 Colloquium TBA Mary Beisiegel
2022/10/31 Colloquium TBA Clayton Petsche
2022/10/24 Colloquium TBA Elise Lockwood
2022/10/17 Colloquium TBA Karl Leichty
2022/10/10 Colloquium Drawing the symplectic topology of certain 4-manifolds. Orsola Capovilla-Searle
2022/10/03 Colloquium Transitioning to Active Learning: The Cautionary Tale of Norms David Fifty
2022/05/23 Colloquium Generalizations of the Alder-Andrews Theorem in Partition Theory Holly Swisher
2022/05/16 Colloquium Positive Curvature and Discrete Abelian Symmetries Catherine Searle
2022/05/09 Colloquium TBA
2022/05/09 Colloquium Nonuniqueness for the Navier-Stokes equation Alexey Cheskidov
2022/05/02 Colloquium Moduli spaces of positive curvature in Riemannian geometry Jackson Goodman
2022/04/07 Colloquium Informal Integrable Systems Seminar Patrik Nabelek
2022/02/24 Colloquium Some aspects of random walks, particle systems and application to rainfall Ruojun Huang
2022/02/21 Colloquium Laplacian quadratic forms, function regularity, graphs, and optimal transport Nicholas Marshall
2022/02/17 Colloquium Improved Guarantees and Rates for Sparse Recovery Christian Kuemmerle
2022/02/14 Colloquium Existence of Probabilistically Strong Solutions to the 3D Stochastic Navier-Stokes Equations in L^p Fanhui Xu
2022/02/10 Colloquium Black holes: the inside story of gravitational collapse Maxime Van de Moortel
2022/02/10 Colloquium Informal Seminar on Integrable Systems
2022/02/07 Colloquium Long time behavior of nonlinear Schrodinger equations Xueyin Yu
2022/02/03 Colloquium Optimal Mass Transport and Time-Dependent Monge-Ampere Equations Farhan Abedin
2022/02/03 Colloquium Informal Seminar on Integrable Systems Patrik Nabelek
2022/02/02 Colloquium AMCJ: plant models
2022/01/31 Colloquium Challenges of multi-persistence Mickaël Buchet
2022/01/31 Colloquium TBA
2022/01/27 Colloquium Geometry, Topology, and Data Osman Okutan
2022/01/26 Colloquium Random Persistence Diagram Generation Farzana Nasrin
2022/01/24 Colloquium Topological Perspectives on Collective Behavior Chad Giusti
2022/01/10 Colloquium Navier-Stokes equation: determining wavenumber, Kolmogorov’s dissipation number, and Kraichnan’s number Mimi Dai
2021/11/22 Colloquium On Bertrand's Theorem Patrick De Leenheer
2021/11/15 Colloquium Inhomogeneous interacting particle systems Leo Petrov
2021/10/18 Colloquium Recent problems in partitions and other combinatorial functions Larry Rolen
2021/07/12 Colloquium Calculus Remodel: A Step Forward
2021/05/24 Colloquium Colloquium movie: Secrets of the Surface: the mathematical vision of Maryam Mirzakhani
2021/05/17 Colloquium Mathematics and the Future of Biomedical Imaging Melody Alsaker
2021/05/10 Colloquium What do Riemann-Hilbert problems tell us about nonlinear waves? Deniz Bilman
2021/04/26 Colloquium Average-Case Behavior of Iterative Methods on Sample Covariance Matrices Tom Trogdon
2021/04/12 Colloquium Orthogonal Polynomial Ensembles, Random Matrices, and Random Tilings Ken McLaughlin
2021/02/01 Colloquium Homological Tools for Data Robert Ghrist
2021/01/25 Colloquium Kinetic models of particle systems Cory Hauck
2021/01/11 Colloquium Horofunctions, Fixed Points, and Illuminating the Unit Ball Bas Lemmens
2020/11/30 Colloquium Discrete Morse Theory and Persistent Homology Chung-Ping Lai
2020/11/23 Colloquium The mathematics behind the basic reproduction number R0 Patrick De Leenheer
2020/11/09 Colloquium Uncertainty Quantification Methods for Multiscale Modeling and Dimension Reduction Nathan L. Gibson
2020/11/02 Colloquium A new life of Pearson's skewness Yevgeniy Kovchegov
2020/10/26 Colloquium Building (learning of) logic on the foundation of mathematics: A summary of ongoing research Paul Dawkins
2020/10/12 Colloquium Collective behavior and ecosystem stability Benjamin Dalziel
2020/09/21 Colloquium Graduate Student Orientation and Advising
2020/09/16 Colloquium GTA Workshop
2020/09/08 Colloquium Core Course Boot Camp for Incoming Grad Students